Recent major reviews and perspectives

The study of ancient biomolecules is undergoing rapid development. Below are lists of major reviews and perspectives articles that can help orient you to recent trends, developments, and updates in the field. If you have additional resources to suggest, please send your suggestions to

Ancient DNA

Orlando L, Allaby R, Skoglund P, Sarkissian C, Stockhammer PW, Avila M, Fu Q, Krause J, Willerslev E, Stone A, Warinner C. (2021) Ancient DNA analysis. Nature Reviews Methods Primers 1:14. Related PrimeView Highlights.

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Ancient Proteins

Warinner C, Richter K, Collins, M. (2022) Paleoproteomics. Chemical Reviews. DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemrev.1c00703

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Organic Residues

Roffet-Salque, M., Dunne, J., Altoft, D. T., Casanova, E., Cramp, L. J., Smyth, J., Whelton HL, and Evershed, R. P. (2017) From the inside out: Upscaling organic residue analyses of archaeological ceramics. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 16:627-640.

Lipid Maps – a free resource for lipid analysis. These web pages constitute an introduction to the chemistry and biochemistry of individual lipid classes, together with an incomparable compendium of information on mass spectrometry of fatty acids.

Research Ethics

Mangola SM, Lund JR, Schnorr SL, and Crittenden AN. (2022) Ethical microbiome research with Indigenous communities. Nature Microbiology 7:749–756.

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Stable Isotopes

Roberts P, Fernandes R, Craig OE, Larsen T, Lucquin A, Swift J, Zech J. (2018) Calling all archaeologists: guidelines for terminology, methodology, data handling, and reporting when undertaking and reviewing stable isotope applications in archaeology Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 32(5):361-72.

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