Open access bench protocols

Numerous protocols have been published for the study of ancient biomolecules, but few provide step-by-step instructions, making many difficult to implement in practice. Below are open access bench protocols published in accordance with open science principles in order to make each step of the protocol explicit and reproducible. If you have add additional resources to suggest, please send your suggestions to

Ancient DNA

A-Z of ancient DNA protocols for shotgun Illumina Next Generation Sequencing V.2: a collection of open-access bench protocols for the extraction and preparaton of ancient DNA (aDNA) for Illumina high throughput sequencing. All protocols have been adapted after published protocols (see each for the corresponding original publication), and are used primarily in the Department of Archaeogenetics at the MPI-EVA (Leipzig, Germany). Protocols in the collection include:


Zooarchaeology by Mass Spectrometry (ZooMS) Pretreatment protocols for bone material: a collection of established ZooMS protocols for bone

Identifying ZooMS Spectra (mammals) using mMass: a guide to identifying ZooMS spectra for mammals using the open-source program mMass (Niedermeyer and Strohalm 2012). This guide is intended as a learning tool for students and researchers at the University of Tubingen and is not meant to replace formal ZooMS marker training.

Ancient Proteins Extraction Protocol: a FASP-based protocol for ancient protein recovery for LC-MS/MS analysis