Presentation Prize

The Future Fellows Presentation Prize is awarded by the International Society for Biomolecular Archaeology for the best oral presentation presented at the biennial ISBA meetings by a student or postdoc.

All student and postdoc oral presentations are eligible and are evaluated by the Prize Committee at the biennial meeting. The winners are announced during the closing session of the meeting.

Past Presentation Prize Winners

2023 - ISBA10

Zandra Fagernäs, University of Copenhagen,
“Cleaning the Dead: Decontamination of skeletal elements for palaeoproteomics”

Jan Dekker, University of York / University of Copenhagen,
“Recovering proteins from foodcrust, biased from the start”

2021 - ISBA9

Megan Michel, Harvard University / Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology,
“Coevolution and Cariogenicity: Analysis of 80 Ancient Streptococcus mutans Genomes Spanning the Neolithic Transition”

Anders Bergström, Crick Institute,
“Pleistocene wolf dynamics and the ancestry of dogs”

2016 - ISBA7

Mikkel-Holger S. Sinding, University of Copenhagen,
“Population Genomics of Greenlandic polar wolves”

2010 - ISBA4

Pete Heintzman, Royal Holloway University of London
“Phylogeography of Ice Age Beringian Beetles: an Ancient DNA Approach”

2008 - ISBA3

Meirav Meiri, Royal Holloway University of London
“Phylogeography, Ancient DNA and the Post-Glacial Recolonisation of Europe”

Ian Barnes, Royal Holloway University of London
“Introduction to Population Genetics”