Poster Prize

The Future Fellows Poster Prize is awarded by the International Society for Biomolecular Archaeology for the best poster presented at the biennial ISBA meetings by a student or postdoc.

All student and postdoc posters are eligible and are evaluated by the Prize Committee at the biennial meeting. The winners are announced during the closing session of the meeting.

Past Poster Prize Winners

2021 - ISBA9

Zandra Fagernäs, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology,
“Potential of archaeogenetic studies of dental calculus to shed light on past human migrations in the Pacific”

Eleanor Green, University of York/National History Museum (London, UK),
“Dredging up genomes: leveraging submerged human remains to understand life and death around the River Thames”

2018 - ISBA8

Ainash Childebayeva, University of Chicago,
“Signatures of high-altitude adaptation in ancient Andeans”

Rita Austin, University of Oklahoma,
“Human skeletal remains and biomolecular preservation at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum”

2016 - ISBA7

Tatiana Feueborn, University of Tübingen,
“Genetic Identification of Canid in High Altitude Palaeoindian Peruvian Site”

2006 - ISBA2

Enrico Cappellini, University of York,
“Proteomics on archaeological samples: A useful approach? Identification of ancient proteins from archaeological grape seeds”