[EVENT] 2024 - HAAM-Tasting Webinar

Dear all

Our next HAAM-Tasting webinar of the Human Ancient DNA, Ancestry, and Mobility (HAAM-) community is scheduled for Thursday, the 6th of June 2024 at 7 am EST / 1 pm CET / 8:30 pm ACST.

Find out more here: https://haam-community.github.io/projects/haam_tasting/.

The webinar will start with two presentations by invited speakers - Dr.Matthew P. Williams from Pennsylvania State University (USA) and Dr. Kelly Blevins from Durham University (UK)- and allow other young career researchers to share their projects.

We’re looking for young career researchers (Master’s and PhD students, and Early Postdoctoral Researchers) specialising in West Asian population demography and social organisation of the past.

Send your expression to present here: https://forms.gle/NcaDC9dRvknVrqSS8

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Xavier Roca-Rada (xavier.rocarada@adelaide.edu.au) or Tina Saupe (tina.saupe@ebc.uu.se) via Slack or email.


Tina (on behalf of the HAAM-tasting webinar planning team)

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